Keeping the Campus Connected in a Post-pandemic World

The future of higher education lies at the intersection of on-campus and online learning. In this webinar, learn how these two worlds are converging, how the pandemic is accelerating and decelerating trends reshaping higher education, and how colleges and universities must re-imagine their positioning, programs, people, and places as a result.

Speaker – Elliot Felix
Founder & CEO, brightspot

Moderator – Carol Crane
Vice President, Education / Healthcare, Knoll

Listen to the webinar here.

Limitless Learning: The Post-Pandemic Campus is Connected, Flexible, Resilient

Knoll k. talk Insights

While COVID-19 has forced a reimagining of how and where we work, in the case of higher education , the pandemic accelerated trends that were already underway, acccording to Elliot Felix, founder and CEO of brightspot Streategy, a higher ed strategy firm focused on improving the student, faculty and staff experience.

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