Knoll’s first virtual Design Days kicked off on Tuesday of this week with an insightful k. talk from two of Knoll’s finest. Hear from Knoll Vice President, Workplace Tracy Wymer and Senior Research Director Kylie Roth as they discuss the evolution of the workplace in relation to our latest thinking on planning spaces that balance comfort and humanity. Listen as they outline the three stages of Surviving, Arriving and Thriving in the workplace.

Below are some key points of interest:


The pandemic has left us feeling “alone together.”

Just as the workplace was shifting its focus to employee wellbeing and the facilitation of casual collisions, we came face-to-face with a major global disruptor. The pandemic left many of us feeling out of touch and lacking a sense of space or community.


Arriving involves reimagining our expectations of the workplace.

While all experiencing the shift to a home office, we’ve been allowed the opportunity to gain compassion, empathy and understanding when things don’t go as scripted. These learnings, along with a newfound sense of self-reliance, are gifts we can bring back to the workplace.


How can we create a holistic workplace moving forward?

Thriving denotes the revival after the arrival. It is an opportunity to create a new, holistic workplace. A workplace that supports the whole person: the personal, the communal, the mental and the physical. While space planning, humanity should be infused throughout. Here are five characteristics of a thriving holistic workplace:

  1. Togetherness. Environments that have a  sense of belonging, providing opportunities for  people to facilitate conversation, join together  and engage in team and social activity.
  2. Sanctuary. Thoughtful spaces designed for  refuge from the hectic noise where individuals  can contemplate and engage in deep thought.
  3. Restoration. Settings that feed and restore  people, with access to fresh-air, near natural  light, surrounded by nature and with products  that ergonomically support their work.
  4. Equity. Planning optimized to support a wider range of diversity and inclusion, creating  a more respectful place built on empathy and  fairness.
  5. Latitude. Settings that offer ample space for  individuals and teams to freely move, and with  furnishings that invite interaction.

Listen to the k. talk now: Reimagine the Workplace 

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