Saxton and Knoll helps schools design spaces that reflect their learning and teaching objectives. We understand that every campus is different. Whatever your approach, our product solutions can help create a spaces that helps teachers, students and administrators feel safe and remain healthy.

Considerations for Common Spaces

Usually a place for gathering in groups, common spaces may have to be rethought to include separation and space delineation.
+ Use furniture elements or signage to create traffic patterns, mandating a
directional flow through the space
+ Consider posting maximum occupancy for spaces and setting time limits on them to allow for suitable cleaning between use. Occupancy sensors can be added to help determine usage and cleaning schedule
+ Reduce or reorient seating to facilitate recommended social distancing
between students
+ Post signs in highly visible locations such as building entrances and dining areas that promote everyday protective measures and describe how to stop the spread of germs

Add Enclosure to Study Carrels with Screens

Antenna Workspaces® big tables with Pop Up® Easy screens and Ollo™ chairs.

Add Vertical Elements to Separate Space

Rockwell Unscripted® Creative Wall®, seating, tables and storage 

Use Bleach-Cleanable Upholstery for Easily Sanitization

k.™ lounge with Interpole™ and Horsepower® media cart

Considerations for Faculty and Administrative Spaces

Reducing density and adding screens offers greater separation and a
sense of safety within faculty and administrative areas.
+ Existing panel inserts can be swapped for easily-cleanable laminate, steel, or Knoll Textiles bleach-cleanable fabrics
+ Desk screens, freestanding panels, doors and taller panel stackers can be
added to allow greater definition between users
+ Spaces can be de-densified by removing seats, and space can be increased between users by rotating and staggering desks

Add Perpendicular Freestanding Gallery Panels

Freestanding gallery panels paired with Antenna Workspaces® intermediate screens on Antenna Workspaces Big Table

Add Perpendicular Panels and Returns for Additional Enclosure

Dividends Horizon gallery panels

Add Screens or Increase Height of Existing Desk- or Spine-Mounted Screens

Antenna upholstered screens on Tone height-adjustable tables; Antenna glass screens on Fence

Add Taller Glass or Fabric Panel Stackers to Existing Panels

Dividends Horizon panels with frameless glass add-ups

Add Doors

Dividends Horizon rolling door

Rotate and Stagger Desks for Greater Distancing

Planning Consideration

Engage technology for contact-free adjustment. RIO by Rol Ergo, available on Tone, allows users to set personal preferences and adjust the table from a remote application on their computer.

Considerations for Classrooms

De-densification and the addition of mobile furniture can help to encourage safe distancing in a classroom setting.
+ Consider technology to promote hybrid digital and in-person learning
+ Remove doors or add touch-less entry to limit contact with surfaces
+ Incorporate privacy screens to clearly designate space and separation
+ Decrease capacity for larger auditoriums and lecture halls and provide small group break out spaces nearby
+ Add mobile carts to classrooms for students and teachers to sanitize their hands and desks

Modular Table Configurations Allow for Collaboration with Fewer Seats

Pixel C-leg tables with Ollo chairs and Horsepower mobile cart

Screens Can Create a Sense of Personal Space

Pixel C-leg tables with Pixel screens and Ollo chairs

Consider Non-Rectangular Modular Table Configurations for Greater Distancing

Islands Collection by Knoll® tables with MultiGeneration by Knoll® chairs and Rockwell Unscripted Creative Wall

Freestanding screens and panels enable temporary, easily reconfigurable space division.

Standard Knoll Products

+ Rockwell Unscripted Freestanding
+ Creative Wall
+ Rockwell Unscripted Mobile
+ Markerboards
+ Rockwell Unscripted Puffy Screens
+ Scribe® Mobile Markerboards
+ Gallery Panels
+ Dividends Horizon Freestanding
+ Panels
+ Pop Up™ Screens
+ Currents® Mobile Screen

Rockwell Unscripted Puffy screen, Creative Wall, and mobile markerboard

Pop Up® floorstanding screen and Pop Up Easy screen

                  Scribe™ mobile markerboard

            Currents mobile screen

To see or print a full PDF of Considerations for Returning to a Healthy Campus click here.

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