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A Glimpse into Our Journey as We Navigate COVID-19

Today marks the 50th day with the majority of our office team working remotely from home. TEN FULL WEEKS.  During that time, we have been in close contact with our clients and partners in the various stages of how COVID-19 is impacting lives, both on the personal and professional front. Many have been interested in how other companies are navigating this journey and we wanted to take the time to share parts of our story to date.

As we continue to evolve through the impact of the pandemic, we are leveraging the following framework to help us breakdown the process:

These are not distinct silos, but they represent the focus of the time and the realization that the situation is fluid and each phase informs the next. We know we can’t wait until we get to the next phase, we must always be moving forward.

Here are some of the actions we have been taking for our own team to safely get back to the workplace.

While the office staff quickly dove into the WFH life, our field technicians continued to work the frontlines on job sites to help our clients’ projects stay on track. (Check out our THANK YOU video!) In an effort to keep everyone on the job sites safe, our teams adhere to all CDC recommendations and protocols. This includes daily check-ins with supervisors, washing hands and following proper hygiene guidelines, as well as utilizing cloth masks on the job site. (Bonus points for unicorn masks that make us LOL!)

Everyone is aware of the US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration COVID-19 guidance where they “advise workers to avoid physical contact with others and direct employees / contractors / visitors to increase personal space to at least six feet, where possible.” On our Falkbuilt job sites, we’re already there. When you use  Digital Component Construction, only a couple of trades are needed on the jobsite, reducing the number of person-to-person interactions. This is only one of the ways that we’re ahead of the game when it comes to meeting new distancing guidelines for the construction industry.

As we plan our safe return to the workplace, we have been diving into more research than we can keep up with! Some of go-to favorites include:

A valuable tool we leveraged was the COVID-19 Response Assessment. This helped us get immediate information about how our team was working from home, as well as insights into how we could best shape our “new normal.” Here are a few of the results:

It wasn’t surprising that our team missed the social interactions of the office the most, with office support tools and resources not far behind.

In the Fall 2019 when we took the original WPA Assessment, 25% of work was done out of the physical office. Now, employees indicated that it could be 45% in the future.

Results show that we continue to exhibit a very strong and aligned company with a high value placed on the culture of leadership and management culture within the organization. Our current/future culture (above, left side) shows a balanced and well-aligned culture with a 3-point gap, down from 7 points in the 2019 assessment.

In regards to preparing our showroom spaces, we are discussing where we can move employee’s individual workstations to keep six-feet social distancing, what sort of screens or other space delineation products we should invest in, what is the updated capacity of our conference rooms, where should staff enter and exit the space and what sort of signage do we need to help with all of this change, among many other topics.

Our team has joined countless webinars, peer-to-peer calls and daily governor press updates in an effort to stay in the know on the best policies and procedures as we return. We are developing a robust “Return to the Office Playbook” that covers a wide range topics including:

  • Forming a Pandemic Response Team
  • Securing Preventative Materials Inventory
  • Securing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Understanding and Implementing Disinfection Measures
  • Deep Cleaning Protocols
  • Visitor Requirements
  • Health Screening Procedures
  • Isolation Protocols and Procedures

As we move into the future, one thing is for sure, we will continue to wake up each and every day on a mission to live out our core purpose of creating spaces where people thrive. We know during this pandemic, in order for people to thrive, they need to feel safe and a healthy workplace is a large part of that security. We are excited to continue to develop the plans for not only our own workspace, but that of our clients. If you are looking for help to reimagine your workplace with COVID considerations or even just want to talk through ideas with experts, don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here for you!

Continue to come back to our COVID-19 Resource page for updated information as we Respond, Return and Reimagine.

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