As companies prepare for a return to the workplace, practicing appropriate social distancing is currently top of mind to help keep everyone safe.  Falkbuilt has developed sleek glass partitions that fit over existing infrastructure to keep light flowing through the space while stopping the flow of any microorganisms. Check out examples of The Falkicle below!

Here are some additional applications of Falkbuilt in commercial interior spaces including Thermal Stations to take temperatures as people enter a space:

While we figure out how interior spaces will transform moving forward, we know for certain that surfaces have to be cleanable, space has to be agile and cost is more important than ever. We have all that covered (and more!) with Digital Component Construction.

New US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration COVID-19 guidance states: “Advise workers to avoid physical contact with others and direct employees / contractors / visitors to increase personal space to at least six feet, where possible.” We’re already there. When you use  Digital Component Construction, only a couple of trades are needed on the jobsite, reducing the number of person-to-person interactions. This is only one of the ways that we’re ahead of the game when it comes to meeting new distancing guidelines for the construction industry.



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We shape the human experience by creating spaces where people thrive. We leverage our unique concept of “think beyond” to shift the focus from the immediate to the future, from purchase price to long term cost of ownership, from what you can see to what you can’t see that really matters. We look at space as a part of your strategy to success.

Saxton is owned and operated by President Kim Augspurger and is a Targeted Small Business, Women Minority Owned in the State of Iowa, as well as certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.

Kim also owns the local Falkbuilt branch bringing Digital Component Construction to Iowa. We would love to give you the ins and outs about how Falkbuilt will transform your space, shrink your schedule and reduce your environmental footprint. So, get your questions ready, and pop us an email or give us a call. Let’s talk Falk.