Desk screens are an easy way to add enclosure to spaces around the workplace. They offer users privacy and separation and can be integrated into workstations, including on height-adjustable tables, or added to shared spaces. Saxton and Knoll offer a variety of screen types to meet a range of privacy and enclosure needs.

New Desk Screen Surrounds

A new series of desk screen surrounds in a range of materials, including paper, plastic, acrylic, steel, and fabric, are coming soon.

Antenna Desktop Surround End Screens with Bridge Panel

Antenna Workspaces Quick Screens U Surround and Side in Corrugated Cardboard

Antenna Workspaces Quick Screens U Surround and Side in Corrugated Plastic

Antenna Workspaces Acrylic Screens L Panel and Back Panel

Screen Surrounds

Provide enclosure on the back and sides of the worksurface to deliver the greatest level of separation and privacy. Depending on the application, surrounds provide varied levels of enclosure above and below the worksurface.

Back Screens

Attach to the worksurface to provide privacy along the back edge of the desk or table. The range of Knoll desks screens solve for varied needs, and offers options for privacy above or below the worksurface. Back screens can be paired with complementing side screens to create a partial- or full-surround.

Side Screens

Side screens, sometimes referred to as intermediate screens, attach to the worksurface and are designed to provide separation between side-to-side users. Side screens usually sit on top of the work surface making them an easy addition, although some side screens mount to the side and add to the overall width of the worksurface. When paired with complementing back screens, Knoll side screens can create screen surrounds.

Personal Screens

The most flexible screen option, personal screens are freestanding screens that sit on top of the worksurface and are end-user reconfigurable. Personal screens are usually small and portable since they do not physically attach to the worksurface.

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Resource: information taken from Knoll.

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