When a friend first told me of Saxton, he lightly referenced the fact that “it’s pretty much all ladies there.” I certainly didn’t think he was being literal.

Having two daughters and two older sisters, I felt well prepared for all of the catfights and cliques that surely plagued an all-female workplace. I even submitted to extra Barbie play dates and tea parties with my 6 and 2 year olds to soften my skin before jumping into the fire.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. After two months of biting my tongue, I need to break my silence about the outrageous conditions at Saxton.

  • The gossip here is unbelievable. Every morning I hear my colleagues asking how each other’s families are. “Did you hear about Leslie’s nephew? What a terrific golfer!” “Really, that’s awesome!” I literally heard that.
  • Celebrations are serious. My birthday fell on my first Monday at Saxton and I was welcomed with enough treats to embarrass a baker.
  • Plenty of toughness to go around. I came to the design world from the building materials industry and was unsure of what to expect. What I found was a group of women who exhibit the kind of strength, independence and resilience that rival any organization I’ve ever encountered.
  • Bathroom privileges. Being the only guy in the office has the built-in advantage of a default private bathroom. That said, it can be startling when you hear the door open behind you.

I’ve concluded that Saxton is a completely unique organization and being predominantly female is pretty far down the list. Saxton is unique in the way our employees are engaged with our work, our clients and our colleagues. Saxton is unique in the journey we take our clients on. Saxton is unique in the way we strive to continually improve our processes, places and people.

Man, woman, cat, or dog; I am extremely proud to be a member of the Saxton family.

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Saxton is a commercial interior strategy company that believes Space Matters. For more than 35 years, we’ve been studying the impact interior space has on desired outcomes. We use an outcomes-focused planning process, best-value procurement system and seamless project execution to create interiors that deliver successful results.

Saxton is owned and operated by President Kim Augspurger and is a Targeted Small Business, Women Minority Owned in the State of Iowa, as well as certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.