I don’t think of myself as a Feminist, but I do think of myself as a champion of women. So I was intrigued when Sandy Hatfield Clubb, Drake University Athletic Director, invited me to attend a Women’s Executive Leadership Conference hosted by NACWAA (National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators) in Kansas City. NACWAA’s mission is to Champion Women Leaders. For the first time ever, NACWAA brought women executives together from the sports industry, corporate America and non for profits.

It was brilliant. Getting out of your narrow industry and seeing the world of leadership through the lens of others broadens your view and ultimately has the power to make you a better leader. I am in awe of the women I met at this conference. These women are mentors, mothers, wives, sisters, co-workers, coaches, executives, friends, volunteers, etc. and most importantly, they are advancing the role of women in leadership roles. Whether you are the Athletic Director, Business Owner or Executive Director, we are all more powerful connected then we are alone. Together we can break through the glass ceiling and ultimately make tomorrow a better place.

I had so many take-aways from the conference. Here are a few of my favorite Words to Live By:

  • Life begins outside of your comfort zone
  • Leaders dispense calm
  • Embrace and practice failure recovery
  • Make the complex simple
  • Single stories are dangerous
  • Prepare then play
  • Separate the player from the performer
  • Measure character not just X’s and O’s
  • Create the conditions to be great in Plan B
  • The difference between great and average is grit
  • Build a culture of unprovoked gratitude
  • Love the work that leads up to the game
  • Get better by 1% everyday
  • Accountability is polar opposite of excuses and there’s nothing in between
  • The first team up after failure wins

The language of sports and business have much to teach each other. Thank you NACWAA for inspiring us to advance and champion women’s leadership.

Kim, President & Owner


Kim AugspurgerSandy Hatfield Clubb

web - Inaugural NACWAA Executive Leadership Summit class

The inaugural NACWAA Executive Leadership Summit class


Amazing women who impact Kansas City, Anne St. Peter, Jan Kreamer, Julie Quirin & Brenda Tinnen, with NACWAA CEO, Patti Phillips



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