Saxton won two Awards at the Social Media Club Hashies Awards: Best Twitter B2B and Best Overall Social Media Presence, as well as named a finalist in Best Facebook B2B. While I was excited to be named a finalist in these three categories, I was overwhelmed when we actually won two of the categories. So much so, that when we accepted the Best Overall Award, I was somewhat speechless. So I wanted to share some thoughts, now that I have had some time to reflect on this award.

As a baby boomer, I entered the world of social media through the enthusiasm of a younger generation. I must admit I was reluctant at first. I saw a lot of social media that I found uninspiring and a waste of time. However, I was intrigued when I watched my young staff navigate social media sites with ease, skill and enthusiasm. They inspired me to get behind this amazing platform of technology, but do it in a way that I find has value. I wanted to make sure we didn’t just add to all of the noise and communication pollution. We set out to achieve some very specific outcomes. Our social media sites were to be a platform to communicate:

  1. Clarity: Give our followers a sense of Why Space Matters.
  2. Connection: Opportunity to connect with people, including our clients, employees and families.
  3. Capabilities: Acknowledge Saxton’s accomplishments both on a company level, as well as individual.
  4. Culture: We seek to have our love of work visible to others to impact recruitment and retention since we work most of our lives, why not love it?
  5. Community: Share how we give back and celebrate and promote the work of others that are in Iowa.

We are a small company and don’t have a marketing department. Our social media sites truly belong to our entire staff. Everyone is encouraged to blog, post expertise and insights and contribute to capturing what we believe, what we value and then share that with the world. I want to give a shout out to a few key individuals who have really lead the charge of our social media efforts: Michelle, Molly, Kayla and Peg. They all have many other duties at Saxton so their social media efforts are a work of love and passion. Congratulations and thank you!

If you don’t follow us on all of our social media platforms yet, check us out now… we can officially say they are award winning:

Kim, President & Owner


Molly & Michelle currently lead Saxton’s social media efforts


Peg has been a social media team member since Saxton’s start

photo 4

Kayla, one of the original social media team members, and Denise tweet during the Social Media Club Des Moines‘s 2015 Hashie Awards

Below: Additional photos from the awards ceremony at Jasper Winery

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Saxton is a commercial interior strategy company that believes Space Matters. For more than 35 years, we’ve been studying the impact interior space has on desired outcomes. We use an outcomes-focused planning process, best-value procurement system and seamless project execution to create interiors that deliver successful results.

Saxton is owned and operated by President Kim Augspurger and is a Targeted Small Business, Women Minority Owned in the State of Iowa, as well as certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.