I had the opportunity to see my second large scale 3D printer this week right here in Iowa. I saw my first one in Germany last fall at Orgatec. Germany leads the world in 3D printing technology. The ABI Board of Directors and U.S. Congressman Rod Blum were hosted by Steve Dust, President Cedar Valley Techworks, to tour the TechWorks facility in Waterloo.

Techworks is now home to the largest Additive Sand 3D Printer in North America and the second largest in the world. The printer was purchased for $2 million dollars from a company in Germany about 18 months ago and given a home here in Iowa. The impact it will have on how companies bring new and better solutions to the market is game changing. This printer has the capacity to dramatically reduce the time and cost of R&D and tooling for manufacturers. This technology also allows engineers to create new solutions that aren’t possible without a 3D printer.

The collaboration underway to bring this kind of transformative and disruptive technology to Iowa reminded me of the comments I heard just two days ago by Bruce Katz, Brookings Institute, on The Metropolitan Revolution. Cities, universities and private industries will need to come together and collaborate at unprecedented levels to create game changing, ground-up solutions that transform and reshape the U.S. economy.

It’s amazing and a little unsettling to me how 3D printing will truly change the world as we know it today. It’s inspiring to me to see local public and private collaboration embrace this transformative technology and put Iowa on the map of changing the game.

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