“Adults who spend 4+ hours/day sitting have an 80% increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to those who sit less than 2 hours/day.”  This was just one of the startling statistics that my co-worker Andrea and I shared with women at the Beyond Rubies Conference hosted at the Kirkwood Conference Center in Cedar Rapids. This two-day event focused on women in the workplace, wellbeing and celebrated women of all ages and backgrounds.

Saxton had the pleasure of hosting a breakout session on the topic, “Work is Changing Faster than the Workplace.” We talked about how in today’s business world, companies are experiencing unprecedented change and rethinking how they plan and furnish their workspace, as well as highlighted various ways space can impact employee wellbeing, recruitment/retention, productivity and innovation.  For example, did you know that 90% of employees say their attitude about work is adversely affected by the quality of their work environment?  Or did you know that research indicates that 50% of all job applicants site the work space impacted their decision on whether to take a job or not?

Most of those we spoke with had never given their work space a second thought which made the conference an excellent opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise.  Not to mention, it was fun and empowering to meet and network with such engaging, inspiring women.  We look forward to having more conversations about the workplace with the women we met at Beyond Rubies to continue to educate and help others understand why SPACE MATTERS.

Ann, Business Development


Saxton is a commercial interior strategy company that believes Space Matters. For more than 35 years, we’ve been studying the impact interior space has on desired outcomes. We use an outcomes-focused planning process, best-value procurement system and seamless project execution to create interiors that deliver successful results.

Saxton is owned and operated by President Kim Augspurger and is a Targeted Small Business, Women Minority Owned in the State of Iowa, as well as certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.