I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California for meetings last week with my NICDC group (Knoll Dealer Owners from across North America). I feel fortunate to belong to such a great group of industry leaders. I always come home inspired with new ideas, great insight and leading industry knowledge.

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In our LA meetings, we had the opportunity to hear Resized---people_rob-jernigan_01_1024x576_1024x576Rob Jernigan, Regional Managing Principal, Gensler Los Angeles, CA talk and tour their offices. Gensler is known worldwide as an expert in design thinking and has deep expertise in leveraging design. I am particularly fascinated by their research and study of trends that are changing and integrating how we live, work and play.

Rob asked us a very intriguing question. When you think about your life, what were the best years of your life? (Keep in mind I’m with a group of Baby Boomers from the USA and Canada.) We all said the same thing, “College was the best years of our lives.” Then he went on to explain that the baby boomer generation accepted the fact that they were to leave those best years behind them and move into the work world. However, Gen Y isn’t willing to do this. They want a work/life integration that Baby Boomers did not expect, nor demand.

In addition, Baby Boomers learned in a “passive” kind of manner. The teacher lectured, the students listened. Technology has changed all of this. Now students learn through project based learning and are actively engaged in the learning process. This shift in learning style is starting to transform how we work. We all work how we learn. So work is changing as a response to new technology, new ways of learning and new expectations of work/life integration.

In addition, cities like Los Angeles, who have struggled with the flight from their inner city are now seeing a resurgence. Gen Y’s desire to integrate work, live and play is shifting inner cities role from a place you escaped from to a place you want to be. We got to tour Gensler’s offices and you get a sense of why people are attracted to working in their space. There are quiet spaces for focus “me” work, inspiring collaboration spaces throughout the office for “we” work, social spaces to connect with each other and a great sense of how much they love being in downtown LA with the incredible views, great restaurants and just a great city vibe.

These are fascinating times we live in. So much is changing and much of it is good.

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